The whole thing started when Uncle Tweed inadvertently hit the wrong keys when engaged in some casual browsing. Accidentally ending up at he encountered the following peculiar message:

“It Worked! If you can see this, then your Apache installation was successful. You may now add content to this directory and replace this page. You are free to use the image below on an Apache-powered web server. Thanks for using Apache!”

Linking backwards from this page , Uncle Tweed stumbled upon more pages, like “Papers on Sparse Matrices” (featuring articles like “Toward Improved Uses of the Conjugate Gradient Method in Power System Applications”) or the “Home page of Shaul Mukamel’s Group“(Research Interests: - Nonlinear optical spectroscopy - Quantum optics - Ultrafast phenomena - Molecular dynamics and relaxation processes - Optical properties of conjugated polymers )

These pages all have something in common - they are linked to “Fernando’s Home Page” - which displays nothing but that same cheerful “It worked!” message.

Determined to get to the bottom of this conundrum, Uncle Tweed ventured into the “Apache Web Server Development Archive”, where he found this message:

“Dear Apache, I’ve just found a test page for Apache saying, “It worked! If you can see this then your Apache installation was successful.”

I’m sorry but I’m afraid I didn’t want to install Apache for the simple reason that I’ve never heard of it and I haven’t the foggiest notion what it is or what it does. I was simply trying to access my porn site for some titillation and now I find myself in the midst of a perplexing mystery concerning Native Americans. Where on Earth has my glossy male interest site gone? It was right here a few minutes ago!!

Yours, Dave”

Uncle Tweed figures that the riddle of is not going to get resolved, but at least it has been established that there are other people out there as perplexed as yours Truly.