Uncle Tweed has the greatest of admiration for the mind of the inventor. As the quotes below, kindly translated from the french by the Colonel*, proves, being an inventor isn’t always easy, not always glorious, but always rewarding:

The Bikini (1946)

“June 3, 1946, the French Louis Reard presented, in his collection of extremely daring two-piece, bathing suits, the bikini, baptized thus because its creator as he estimated as “explosive” in its kind as the American atomic bomb which had exploded four days before, in the Pacific, on the atoll of Bikini.

The innovation was such, indeed, that no professional mannequin would agree to present it and that R¬Ľard called upon a dancer of the Casino of Paris, Micheline Bernardini. Patented, duly protected, the word “bikini” entered the dictionary.”

The Cow which laughs (1921)

“This cheese spread of the Bel cheese dairies undoubtedly owes part of its glory with the charming cow drawn by Benjamin Rabier in 1921.

This famous draughtsman is also the creator of Gideon the Duck. He is sold each year some 2 billion portions of Cow which laughs, the half exported in 86 countries, and 1 billion cubes “aperitif ” born in 1960 and of which success made only grow with the launching of the Apericube mark, in 1976”

*It was later discovered that the Colonel had used Google’s translation engine, which was in Beta.