This week Uncle Tweed has gone on a quest to find the current whereabouts of Cyberbob - you remember him, the good guy from The Net, that seminal epic that did so much for the man on the streets view on the vastness some people call the web.

To refresh your memory Uncle Tweed is providing you with this review, written by the pseudonym TyC, that will surely ring a bell.

“When I first saw this movie, I was blown away at how realistic it was. Everything in this movie could really have happened and it gives us a different view on the Internet > and the control someone could have in a position like the baddies have in this movie. You genuinely feel for Sandra Bullock’s character in this movie. Great performances from all actors and thank you to the director for making such a brilliant movie.”

Let the quest begin… could this be the real Cyberbob, hiding away in France:

“Welcome in the universe of CYBERBOB Universe where reality merges with the fiction… (Tadaaa!)

Known as, I do not find it so that that, my page of intro. But I do not have so much ideas to improve it. If you could give me some ideas, or remarks, to have a homepage a little more sympathetic, it would be nice of your share… I awaits them impatiently…”

Or is Cyberbob attending college in New York?

“My Name is Robert but my friends call me Bobby.

I am still very inexperienced at web page programming, and these pages reflect my potential to get better. I will be sure to improve these pages as I get new ideas. I am presently majoring in Computer Science at New York City Technical College. My hobbies are Basketball, studying the Word of God, troubleshooting computer problems, hanging out with friends, and surfing the World Wide Web.”

Or is Cyberbob in Germany?

“Die CYBERBOB Homepage Welcomely… on the homepage von Tim Gueneysu

Thank you that you looked up this page. They are meanwhile that 00388 Visitor of these homepage.”

Or finally, is Cyberbob really hiding away in Puerto Rico, driving a fast, red car?

“CyberBob Home Page Hello!!!!! My name is, Luis Angel Rodriguez Vasquez. This it is my car, Mazda RX7 of the 1993 Twin Turbo, with system of I oxidize Nitrous is my pride, my treasure. P… all the Pistoneros ” Toyoteros ” knows that MAZDA is the law.

Hatred to all the Toyoteros, is nothing no better than a METROPOLITAN NEWSPAPER LIKE the MIO!!!!!! This is PÁ TIII Cypress_Hill….jejejejeje For your Prototype.”

Make your own mind up, dear reader, but Uncle Tweed figures that these might all just be decoys, setup by the real Cyberbob to hide the truth from Jack Devlin