For this special day, Uncle Tweed’s heart goes out to the people who are named ‘Valentin’

First out we have Valentin D. Ivanov who can be found at ‘Valentin D. Ivanov’s home-page!’ Valentin provides a useful “quick and easy reference for the people that have ever been connected somehow to the Vatican Observatory Summer Schools.”

Then there is [Valentin F. Turchin][2] who is linked to an ambitious project, the Principia Cybernetica Project (PCP):

“[PCP is] a world-wide organization collaboratively developing a computer-supported evolutionary-systemic philosophy, in the context of the transdisciplinary academic fields of Systems Science and Cybernetics”

But none of these Valentin’s hold a match to Valentin Peitchinoff, a man with a healthy beard pictured at the ‘Valentin Peitchinoff Fan Page!’

Here’s a sample that should explain why Valentin Peitchinoff is Uncle Tweeds favourite Valentin:

“Welcome to the Valentin Peitchinoff Fan Page! For those whose lives are obviously incomplete and barren with ignorance, Valentin Peitchinoff is a bass—that’s an opera singer, not a bass player: technically, a basso cantante, which is not so low as a basso profundo. He’s got a marvelous voice and he’s also a fantastic actor; I don’t know how people can stand bad acting in opera—it’s as detrimental as bad singing, if you ask me.”