This week Uncle Tweed has been thinking about Tupperware.

These small hermetically sealed plastic boxes are the engineering feat of Earl W Tupper. Invented in 1945, they cannot be bought in shops, but only at so called Tupperware Parties.

As a hostess of such an affair one would certainly appreciate the handy “What’s your party profile?” - a quiz provided at the official Tupperware site.

Even more useful is the “Planning for Today’s Tupperware Party” strategy page, which shows a layperson how to in 6 easy steps plan an ideal Tupperware Affair.

Uncle Tweed went as far as

Step 1: Find a Tupperware Consultant

and found Jennifer Lenz, a Tupperware Consultant and Intranet Developer from Vancouver.

If you are looking through her list of hermetically sealed plastic boxes, here’s a guide to the three letter abbreviations used:

Jennifer also writes poetry under the Pen name Cecilia East. But since no poem “may be printed, altered, or stored without permission from the author”, best not to repeat any of them here.

Under any circumstances, best not to repeat any of them here.