There’s a time of day, after you finish work, but before the evening commences, a time that Uncle Tweed cherishes like no other. That time has got a name, and the name rings like birds song in a soft spring morning in the ears of Uncle Tweed - The Cocktail Hour

As Uncle Tweed’s Old Friend the Bachelor once said:

“It is quite simply my favorite time of day. All work is done, light grows dim, and one is faced with boundless opportunities for laughter and adventure in the evening to come. The cocktail hour is a boundary, the overture that divides work from play, the restrained from the limitless, the sacred from the profane. Plus, of course, you get to drink gin.”

The good thing is, and I’m sure you agree, that because the world is divided into different time zones, there is always cocktail hour somewhere in the world.

So if you wake up early - say around 6 am, in London, it’s already Cocktail Hour in the Pacific Ocean, so have a drink and think of your friends in Bokak, Bikar, Nadikdik or any other of the Atolls in the Marshall Islands.