This week Uncle Tweed became a year older, and after a night on the tiles, which delayed this column by a day, he started to think about the future. The time has come to make some plans - and Uncle Tweed has been putting this off for to long now. As Robert C.W. Ettinger of the Immortalist society said: “please — don’t wait too long. That can be fatal, and often has been.”

Uncle Tweed is of course talking about the ticket to everlasting life - Cryogenic Suspension:

Your And Your Family’s Last Best Chance For Life.

“The Cryonics Institute offers cryonic suspension services and information. As soon as possible after legal death, a member patient is prepared and cooled to a temperature where physical decay├░essentially stops, and is then maintained indefinitely in cryostasis. When and if future medical technology allows, our member patients will be healed and revived, and awaken to extended life in youthful good health. “

Uncle Tweed is saving up for the $28.000 one-off payment, and let you all witness that his last wish is to be suspended next to Walt Disney in the deep-freeze chamber directly under Disneyland’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction.