Uncle Tweed can’t believe people are still fighting over the title “Inventor of the Sousaphone”.

The C.G. Conn company, many claim, hold the honor of inventing this gigantic brass instrument, but the J.W. Pepper Co. claim that they might be the originators of said horn, which, we have to remember, “stands a hefty five feet tall and has a bell diameter of approximately 28”.

David Greenlee who played Dwight Mendenhall in the TV-series Fame was of course famous for his handling of the gigantic brass horn.

As he was walking up and down the hallway in the School of Performing Arts practicing his scales, few people would imagine that only a few years later, in 1990, he would play the role of Duncan in “Slumber Party Massacre III” in which a mystery man armed with a drill attacks a group of girls after their hard day of volleyball at the beach. Now that’s not very nice at all, is it?