When Uncle Tweed is asked to name his favorite man made fibre he always answers Polyester. In fact, he has been known to indulge in statistics like “Production of Man-made fibres in the Federal Republic of Germany 1970 - 1999” (225 000 tons in 1970, 312 000 tons in 1999, a 31% increase)

What Uncle Tweed didn’t know until recently is that Polyester also is the name of the actress that played the trashy psychotic hooker named Bunny in the movie “Superstar Female Serial Killer”.

Luke Y. Thompson writes in NEW TIMES L.A.:

“There’s the cast, with names like Vickie Velvet, Share Fantasia, and Veneta, apparently none of whom have ever taken an acting lesson in their lives. There’s the soundtrack, which features no effects, constant ambient noise, and a score that sounds as though it was composed on a $5 synthesizer purchased at Bargain Clown Mart. There’s the killer’s knife, which bends even as it’s supposedly drawing blood. There’s the fact that every straight male character is extremely effeminate. There’s the dialogue (“I feel really awful that I got you hooked on drugs”; “I almost died, I prob’ly got brain damage now!”)”

Polyester has not made any other attempts at acting after this glorious debut, as far as Uncle Tweed is aware, but ever since reading this review, Uncle Tweed has been eager to get his hand on a Betamax copy of the film, so that he could sit down of an evening and enjoy it with a glass of sherry.