Recently Uncle Tweed went to visit his old friend the Colonel who was raving about a book he was reading, aptly named “Push-Button Mind control”. the Colonel was enthusiastic as he read from the jacket of the volume:

“Learn to develop a file-cabinet-like memory. Create a pain-barrier so formidable that a dentist’s drill can’t penetrate it. Teach you body to burn fat the same way it did when you were in your teens. Become irresistible to the opposite sex and elevate your sexual capacity to many times normal.Rejuvinate your body and drive disease from it at will. Banish worries, fears and anxieties from your life, permanently. Achieve personal and financial success, or anything else you desire.”

Uncle Tweed finished his glass of sherry and left the Colonel to his devices. Later, when Uncle Tweed was looking for reviews on the book the Colonel was reading, he found something else, something far more sinister, something the government forces evidently has spent a lot of time and effort to suppress, only to be revealed in the annals of the Mind Control Forum. Read Ed’s testimony:

“Hi, I’m Ed Light, born 1947, one of many captives of the mind-control “cabal’s” microwave anti-personnel projects. As I typed this I was being forcibly zapped.

XRAY Shows Head Melting by Edmund J. Light Here’s a gif of an xray of the back of my skull in 1988, after 11 years of intense irradiation by spy planes. Even if you only have a 16 shade display you can still see that the xray technician has drawn lines pointing to a 1” depression. It’s worse now, in 1995. [4-96 - oof, it’s sure deep.] A recent shot straight across the back shows that the depression has spread around the edges of my skull. I don’t have that one as a gif.”

11 years intense irradiation by spy planes is enough to make anyone worried and full of anxiety. Uncle Tweed gathers that the Colonel immediately should send Ed Light the book he was reading.