This week, Uncle Tweed marvels at the antics of the folk at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History: By putting a small camera on the back of a cockroach, they are trying to achieve a “…complete telepresent experience that is incredibly exciting and educational at the same time. ”

In other words, they are finding out just how Jeff Golblum felt when he as Seth Brundle walked around the ceiling in the remake of the Kurt Neumann classic, the Fly, which tagline “Once it was human — even as you and I! ” still sends chills down Uncle Tweeds spine.

Jeff Goldblum, on the other hand, makes ‘Little Miss Chaos’ all frizzy. Behind the pseudonym hides 16 year old Amy from Nebraska who used to be called Peppermint but likes her new name better.

She says, about her obsession with the Jeff, who made his acting debut as Freak 1 in Michael Winners 1974 Blockbuster “Death Wish”: “You get a piece of ribbon, right his name on it, and tie it around your wrist and never take it off even if you are in the shower. Thanx again Stephanie