The Roman Empire has fallen, the Oscars are over, but the Gladiators are still rampant as Uncle Tweed found out this week.

Meet the Gladtiators“[sic] is the curious title of the homepage of the Paintball Gladiators:

“We call ourselves the “Gladiators” and we have been together since the summer of 1996. Our coach is Bob “Sarge” Shano, veteran field operator and world renowned paintball personality. Our photographs and articles about our team have appeared several area newspapers and in Action > Pursuit Games, the world’s leading paintball magazine. Some of us have served as advisors for the local high school paintball clubs and church youth groups.

Our goal is to attract new players and promote the growth of paintball. We also hope to alter the general public’s perception of paintball and help make the sport a mainstream activity. We plan to do this by using the media to show others what paintball is all about: teamwork, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and fun! “

Gladnet II is the Home of the Worlds Gladiators - It features a lot of facts about the popular Television show “Gladiators”

Uncle Tweed picked up a few little-known secrets about the Gladiator Challenge Hang-Tough:

“Hang-Tough a game of strength and skill - The object is to swing using rings from one platform to the other, easy except for the time scale and a Gladiator is trying to get you. In America, Hang Tough has no scoring zone, and if you stay still, you are disqualified. “

And in the FAQ pages, Uncle Tweed found out how unfairly London Weekend Television treated Gladnet II, maybe because they wanted a webmaster who could spell the word “their”:

Q: Why not make Gladnet Official?

A: London Weekend Television does not want me to do thier Web site, they have thier own. It is crap.”

Tougher than the Lycra clad Television stars are The British Gurkha Gladiators a team of Elephant Polo players, who secured 7th place in the 1989 tournament in Nepal:

“The British Gurkha Gladiators are a mainstay of the WEPA (World Elephant Polo Association) tournament. This year the team, with the exception of Captain Captain John Kerner, who was either brave or foolish enough to stay in the jungle for the entire week, the Gurkhas changed shifts mid- week. Because the two Nigels played during the first part of the week, the second-shift players tended to be called “Nigel” as well.”

But the price for most charitable Gladiators goes to:

The Penkhull Christian Fellowship Gladiators (for 3 -10 year olds) - as they are making and selling inspirational religious felt banners “to help children at an orphanage in Mexico”

And if you want to go along to a meeting with the Gloucester Gladiators Scooter Club, it’s good to know that:

“Westgate street is a one way street going up into town from the river. Parking is outside the pub unless its busy but scooters will fit on the pavement between the pub and the church next door.”