This week Uncle Tweed would like to recommend a good book: Miami Golden Boy by Herbert Castle.

After reading this little teaser, you will appreciate that Uncle Tweed has provided a picture of Bruce Golden - as he looks today.

“There is no place on earth like Miami Beach in the height of The Season, with more loose minks, diamonds and women than Sodom and Gomorrah ever dreamed of. It is America’s Gaudiest playground - where even the sun is 14-carat gold - Mecca of the rich, bored women and the men who stalk them, of powerful Mafiosi and fiery Cuban exiles, of jewel-grabbing beachboys and headline-grabbing celebrities, of glamour and violence.

For Bruce Golden, handsome and hungry and down to his last Jaguar, it was the happiest hunting ground imaginable, a sexual smorgosbord garnished with money. And he knew that somewhere among the diamond-trimmed tans was the rich girl he could love, forever and ever, with all his heart and dwindling checkbook.

And when he actually found her, lovely and terrified and up to her Cartier earrings in trouble, how could he have known she was a pawn in a plot so fantastic it would actually shake the nations government?

How could he have known about the wealthy and power-mad Ivan Lamas, or about cruel Jorge and the whore-child Violetta, or about the musclebound man called Leech the Beach, and all the other violent, twisted people gathereing for the kill? Or about the lunatic kidnap plot, or the ransom that was to be paid in lives?

All Bruce wanted was a pretty girl who would share her seat on the gravy train. What he got was a crazy rollercoaster ride through a neon never-never land with a chick who was carrying around a secret as explosive as an H-bomb.

And before the trip was done, that bomb would rock Miami Beach - right down to its chrome-plated soul.”