When Uncle Tweed thinks about fish, he thinks about anchovies. It’s the magic ingredient that makes the Gentleman’s Relish, created in 1828 by John Osborn, such a delight on hot buttered toast. The recipe which is a closely guarded secret blend of anchovies, butter, herbs and spices, has been handed down for generations and is still in use today.

We are all aware of the northern anchovy, Engraulis mordax, which is widely distributed along the Pacific Coast, A little known fact is that a separate subspecies, Engraulis mordax nanus lives in the brackish waters of San Francisco Bay, as discovered by Hubbs in his 1925 Essay “Racial and seasonal variation in the Pacific herring, California sardine and California anchovy. “

You might have thought that The Bait Guys, the leading source of live anchovies and sardines and frozen herring for the San Francisco Bay Area Angler, were just a bunch of fellows in wading boots, but as the picture of co- founder Debbie Kennedy-Kuljis proves, there’s still room for sultry ladies with blond perms in the frozen anchovies trade.