“The visitors arrived in 50 gigantic mother ships. These ships brought seemingly human occupants. They promised peace and friendship. They claimed to bring technicians to educate our scientific complexes to the limits of their knowledge. What they brought in actuality was an occupation army and harvesting equipment. The technicians were to steal drinking water from earth’s reservoirs. The occupation army was to take control of our cities, streets, and governments. The harvesting equipment was to take care of us; to harvest every last man women and child as food or as a slave soldier force.. ”

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s V. That dramatic TV saga from a good few years back, that saw Evil Lizard People like Diana fight it out with Humans flanked by Good Lizard People, like Freddy from “Terror on Elm Street” all of a sudden acting the nice space alien.

Throughout the series the Visitors, as they were known, could be spotted thanks to their sense of fashion. The humans all wore dull middle-america style clothes, but not the lizards! Take for example Diana, the evil science officer with ambitions for world domination.

She could have been dressed by Versace in her white lycra outfits, and -yes, Uncle Tweed knows it sounds implausible- stylish, aviation sunglasses. Uncle Tweed was pleased to find out that those very same sunglasses were the 2001/S model, manufactured by the Papillion company of Italy.

Who knows, maybe next time he comes back from a holiday in Florens, Uncle Tweed will be sporting a pair of the 2001/S, the style essential of the season.