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A colligation of text and images accumulated for your pleasurable excitement.

About Takete

Takete was created in 2000, and has provided a loyal base of aficionados with culture and entertainment ever since.

Through its contributors, notably The Mountie and Uncle Tweed, the theme of the short litterary elements of the site were often centered around negelected areas of popular and high culture, such as beards, Masked Wrestlers and Neon Cowboys.

Although the main focus of Takete is generally expressed best in ASCII, (or more lately, UTF-8), images can also occasionaly be found within the confine of the domain, as long as they fit within the lo-fi aesthetic imposed by our benevolent webmaster.

The Takete five year plan is to remain published every Tuesday,

Contact Details

We appreciate getting comments and feedback from people regarding the site. If you have a message to a particular contributor, please indicate this in the subject line, and the email will be distributed to its proper recipient by our efficient secretary.

takete - celebrating the angular shape in whatever way we may seem fit.